3D Printed Vibrating Shift Knob For The Ford Mustang Created With OpenXC

Watch as Ford Engineer Zachary Nelson uses the motor from a Microsoft™ Xbox 360® game controller to create an OpenXC shift knob that vibrates when a driver shifts gears in a Ford Mustang. The 3D-printed prototype shift knob uses Ford’s OpenXC research platform to link devices to the car via Bluetooth®, and shares vehicle data from the on-board diagnostics port. Zach tests his prototype in a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that vibrates at the optimal time to change gears.


FB dip two-year contract, the crow signs

Baltimore Ravens never gave up hope to go back back Vonta Leach, on Monday, they got what they wanted.

Leach signed a two-year contract and the defending Super Bowl champions after failing to find a suitable suitor in the free agent market.
“I am very excited, this is good news,” coach John Harbaugh said. “We have been in contact, we have been down this is really good, the crow.”
Remy Leach paved the way back to get 1,143 yards last season. Leaching ran nine times 32 yards in the regular season scoring in Baltimore for Indianapolis Super Bowl touchdown run.
But leaching refused to renegotiate the contract in the off season, when Baltimore was announced in June. At that time, general manager Qi Newsome crow left the possibility leaching can come back and said, “There may be an opportunity to get him back as soon as he explores the crow free agent market.”
It really happened.
Houston, Miami and New York Giants expressed interest, but eventually leach back in Baltimore, where he spent the past two seasons, winning two Pro Bowl invitations.

Patriot was reversed distal Alone Seahawks rookie QB large as

NFL2012 season, the first six weeks of the match race again, the league’s best offensive team in the New England Patriots 23-24 defeat away to rookie quarterback Russell – Wilson (RussellWilson) led the Seattle Seahawks, broke a sort of a small upset.

“If people do not trust him,” Seahawks safety guard Earl – Thomas said. “I promise now they trust him.” Wilson’s pass at the end of the game you have 1 minute 18 seconds of time to find the other second-tier defense behind Sidney – Rice, Rice advancing 46 yards touchdowns, the Seahawks in the final 7 minutes and 31 seconds to get 14 points, successfully reversing the Patriots. Wilson first in 4 files offensive pass to Bulei Long – Edwards made ​​advancing 10 yards touchdowns, the Seahawks team score gap to 23-17, and later to help Lai Sida matrix.

Brady in the subsequent attack did not help the Patriots advance to the position can score, his first pass to Brandon – Lloyd could not be completed, followed by the opponent sack, then to Aaron – El Nan Desi’s pass did not finish, although four stalls offensive to Weiss – Welker’s pass forward 15 yards, but the distance to get the first attack and two yards away.
Wilson audience 27 passes 16, advancing 293 yards, three touchdowns, passer rating of 133.7. Brady completed 58 passes 36 times, advancing 395 yards, two touchdowns, two steals. Welker 10 times the ball forward 138 yards, this is his fourth consecutive game the ball over 100 yards.

Distal 20 points ahead Falcons kick narrowly escaped shaking reversal Seahawk lore

NFL National League Division playoff contention end of the second field, Atlanta Falcons home game with eight seconds before the whistle to kick thrilling 30-28 victory over the Seattle Seahawks, they will be in this weekend’s National League finals vs. San Francisco 49ers.

The fourth quarter began, when the Falcons still ahead by as many as 20 points, but the Seahawks in the last one launched a frenzied counterattack, there are 31 seconds from the end of the game when Marshawn – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) rushing touchdowns Ryan – Longview (Ryan Longwell) kicked additional points after the Seahawks miraculous reversal of the score to 28-27.
Matt – Ryan (Matt Ryan) had attended on behalf of the Falcons lost all three playoff games, the game also has two times the opponent steals. He Falcons last wave attack first pass to Harry – Douglas made ​​29 yards forward, head coach Mike – Smith immediately called timeout. The ball has found the Houlai En Tony – Gonzalez (Tony Gonzalez), who advanced 19 yards, 13 seconds left Smith spent the last case of a pause, came back to the Falcons did not venture to attack again , choosing instead to let Matt – Kobe Bryant (Matt Bryant) kick. Bryant penalty kick, the Falcons at the end of eight seconds left in the game when the lead again. Seahawks subsequent offense to Russell – Wilson (RussellWilson) steals the ball end.
Falcons made ​​since the first season since 2004 playoff game. Ryan completed 35 passes 24 times, advancing 250 yards, with three touchdowns. Wilson completed 36 passes 24 times, advancing 385 yards, with two touchdowns and one person rushing touchdowns. There are two players the Seahawks the ball over 100 yards, respectively, Zach – Miller and Gould – Tate.

Sophomore four touchdowns beat Rogers 49 wins and the National League champion Packers

NFL National League Division playoffs ended the first fight, fighting at home to the San Francisco 49ers 45-31 out of the Green Bay Packers, rounded out the first League of Nations finals. Colin – Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) rushed the ball 181 yards to create a single-game playoff quarterback rushing record, and two touchdowns, and he has the ball to Michael – Crabtree (Michael Crabtree) got two touchdowns.

For the first time in the playoffs, the debut of sophomore quarterback Nick Ray Capet overshadowed last season’s MVP Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers), Rogers of the game completed 39 passes 26 times, advancing 257 yards, there is two touchdowns. Capet Nick got 20 yards and 56 yards two rushing touchdowns, and he also broke Michael – Vic 2005 game against the St. Louis Rams in the creation of 119 yards playoff quarterback single-game rushing the ball record. Of which 56 yards rushing touchdowns also 49ers quarterback in history to promote the longest rushing touchdowns. He also became the first in NFL history with four in a game two rushing touchdowns and two passing touchdowns quarterback. Crabtree nine times the ball forward 119 yards, including 12 yards and 20 yards two touchdowns. 49 cumulative audience advancing 579 yards, including ground advancing 323 yards.
Frank – Gore rushed the ball 23 times forward 119 yards, contributed a touchdown. 49 people team in the National League final against the Seattle Seahawks and the winner between Atlanta Falcons.