Control of their own destiny Seahawks in NFC

Control of their own destiny Seahawks in NFC, rating again list. And improving health in Seattle does not portend the remaining NFC.Cheap Jerseys
At the same time, the 2nd looks good in Broncos defeated the previously unbeaten leaders but they insist AFC top tenous probably because of the upcoming game against the New England Sunday, followe rematch opposite KC – this time the arrow.

, Let’s get into power ranking:Cheap Nike NFL Elite Jerseys
1. Seattle Seahawks: Seahawks at home in the driver’s seat and they reach the playoffs, they are at the right time to get healthy.
2. Denver Broncos: Broncos answer to the first bell and beat KC, but now face the New England before again KC. It may be difficult to maintain the top position in the AFC.Cheap Nike Kids Custom Jerseys
3. Kansas City Chiefs: They have learned a lot in the loss to the Broncos and will have a better plan in the second game. By generating a punch against Peyton Manning is a lot different backup QBs rushed them to play for a few weeks.